Vegetarian in Mexico City - vegan burger and salad

Vegetarian and Vegan Food in Mexico City

Being vegetarian in Mexico City was a breeze. Mexico City is one of the most vegetarian-friendly cities in Mexico. We found travelling vegan in Mexico quite challenging, but Mexico City was a breath of fresh air when it came to finding good vegan and vegetarian food options.

The thing we did struggle with in Mexico City was finding ‘local’ and ‘authentic’ style Mexican food. The local cuisine is notoriously meaty, which made it difficult when hunting for vegetarian-friendly options more generally. What with Mexico City being metropolitan, most of the food that was vegetarian in Mexico City was also foreign cuisine.

What is great about Mexico City is the burgeoning vegan food scene and the amount of vegetarian options already available in the city. The best thing to do as a vegetarian in Mexico City is to get out there, explore and eat some more!

Where to Eat Vegetarian in Centro Historico

VegAmo MX (vegan)

Creative vegan cafe in centro historico. This place is a veggie blessing in the middle of Mexico City’s not-so-vegan-friendly centro historico. This vegan cafe may be small but it’s exciting menu includes vegan burgers, vegan quinoa and veggie burritos. What’s really worth getting excited about though is their amazing range of raw and vegan cakes.

Google Map: Revillagigedo 47, Colonia Centro, Centro, 06070 Ciudad de México

Where to Eat Vegetarian in Condesa

Monsieur Croque (veg-friendly)

Monsieur Croque is our favourite place to drink coffee in Condesa. The cafe itself serves up grilled cheese sandwiches on fancy bread, whilst Ficelle Boulangerie Patisserie, the bakery next door (owned by the same people), serves a tasty almond croissant amongst other baked sweet treats.

Google Map: Av. Tamaulipas 39, Condesa, 06140 Ciudad de México

Veguisma (vegan)

A great place for a quick and speedy lunch if you’re a vegetarian in Mexico City. Veguisma serves up Mexican classics including tortas (sandwiches) and tacos with vegan fillings. The food was good and cheap. The only downside is too much veganaise in the sandwiches for our taste.

Google Map: Pachuca 59, Colonia Condesa, Ciudad de México

Falafelito (vegetarian)

Locals get their falafel fix at Falafelito. There are a few Falafelitos dotted around the city, but we thought the best one was located in Condesa. In the early evening, you can sit under the lamp-lit tree and enjoy your falafel pita overlooking the park.

Google Map: Av México 105, Hipódromo, 06100 Ciudad de México

Chetito (veg-friendly)

Gourmet taco restaurant Chetito hands down wins the prize for the most hipster tacos we ate in Mexico. Their menu is pretty meat-focused but there are a couple of decadent veggie options and three tacos are enough to fill the hole. Expect lights in jam jars and cheese laden tacos.

Google Map: Guanajuato 239, Roma Nte, 06700 Ciudad de México

Pad Thai (veg-friendly)

Cool Thai restaurant with big portions. If you want your Pad Thai piled high, then this is the place to come. We ventured out one dark and rainy evening to find a large portion of authentic, hot Thai food. While the food isn’t mind blowing, it’s good and filling, and it’s one of the better green Thai curries I ate in Mexico.

Google Map: Av Sonora 49, Roma Nte., 06700 Ciudad de México

The Green Corner (veg-friendly)

Need organic peanut butter or a sustainable toothbrush? The Green Corner has you covered. This organic store stocks almost everything a health foodie could need. The restaurant next door is open late and serves reasonably good food. There’s also a chain in Coyoacan.

Google Map: Calle Mazatlan 81, Cuauhtemoc, Condesa, 06140 Ciudad de México

La Clandestina (veg-friendly)

Tipped as being the best mezcal bar in town. Mezcal is a popular variation on tequila and Mexicans love it. La Clandestina is a favourite spot in the neighbourhood for mezcal shots and cocktails. Think wooden floorboards and candlelit tables in this little hole in the wall.

Google Map: Av Álvaro Obregón 298, Cuauhtémoc, Condesa, Hipódromo, 06140 Ciudad de México

Where to Eat Vegetarian in Narvarte, Roma and Doctores

Ojo de Agua – hipster breakfast joint with acai bowls

After a morning stroll, Ojo de Agua is the perfect place for brunch. The cafe serves up healthy options like superfood smoothies and acai bowls, as well as Mexican favourites including chilaquiles rojos and verdes served in a skillet.

Google Map: Calle Citlaltépetl 23C, Cuauhtémoc, Hipódromo, 06100 Ciudad de México

Cafe Rosa (veg-friendly)

Definitely the best coffee we drank in Mexico City. This simple coffee bar sits on the edge of the park in Escandon and was just around the corner from our Airbnb apartment. It’s a good spit for sipping coffee on a street-side table.

Google Map: Comercio 68, Miguel Hidalgo, Escandón I Secc, 11800 Ciudad de México

Casquet (veg-friendly)

Great, low-key place for empanadas. There are three vegetarian empanada options, including cheese and spinach. Their empanada dough is also vegetarian. If you’re in a group, make sure to order the roasted vegetables that come out on a hot plate. There are a number of mate-based drinks on the menu and I can highly recommend the gin mate.

Google Map: Calle Palenque 154, Narvarte Poniente, 03020 Ciudad de México

Mog Bistro (veg-friendly)

Mog Bistro does Asian food so well that it has people waiting in line for a table. They’re mainly a ramen bar but unfortunately the menu doesn’t currently feature a vegetarian ramen option. However, they have a great fresh tofu dish for vegetarians and the cocktails are to die for.

Google Map: Frontera 168, Roma Norte, Roma Nte., 06700 Coauhtemoc, Ciudad de México

Where to Eat Vegetarian in Coyoacan

Aura Vegana in Mercado Carmen (vegan)

Mercado Carmen is a hipster food court in Coyoacan. Right at the front is Aura, a small vegan restaurant. There’s an exciting menu and the food is good, though a little pricey. Aura serves an excellent portobello mushroom burrito and a hot turmeric drink that warms you up on a cool evening.

Google Map: 04100 de, Malintzin 199, Del Carmen, Ciudad de México

Cafe Avellaneda in Mercado Carmen (veg-friendly)

Next door to Aura Vegana is Cafe Avellaneda. It’s a takeaway coffee place perfect for anyone who enjoys a strong, dark brew. Not only that, but they serve the best blueberry scones in Mexico. Definitely stop by for a coffee and snack.

Google Map: 04100 de, Malintzin 199, Del Carmen, Ciudad de México

Chilagüiches (veg-friendly)

Get your fix of breakfast or brunch time chilaquiles. This classic dish is a Mexican favourite and Chilagüiches serves up clean and fresh dishes every day. You can get vegetarian options with a fried egg on top.

Google Map: 04100 de, Malintzin 199, Del Carmen, Ciudad de México

The Green Corner (veg-friendly)

One of the small chain of organic stores and restaurants across Mexico City. This was probably our favourite branch because there’s a small garden attached where you can sit and enjoy your snacks from the store, or enjoy the view from the balcony level restaurant.

Google Map: Avenida Miguel Ángel de Quevedo 733, Cuadrante de San Francisco, San Francisco, 04310 Coayacán

Vege Taco (vegetarian)

We weren’t thrilled with the veggie tacos on offer in Vege Taco. Think fake meats and cheap corn tortillas. But if you need a really quick and cheap vegetarian meal, then this could be a good stop.

Google Map: Felipe Carrillo Puerto 65, Coyoacán, 04000 Ciudad de México

Vegan Pizza Takeaway in Mexico City

Veggino’s Pizza (vegan)

You can order Veggino’s Pizza right to your door by Facebook messenger, a godsend after a long day of sightseeing. Our favourite was their Mediterranea pizza topped with pear, aubergine and sun-dried tomatoes on a pesto base.

Are you travelling vegan or vegetarian in Mexico City?

We’d love to hear from other vegan and vegetarian travellers about their foodie finds in Mexico City. Did you eat amazing vegan tacos, or find the best vegan food truck in the city? Let us know about your vegetarian and vegan favourites in the comments below.

Charlie Marchant

Charlie is a long-term traveller from the UK who writes about simple ways to travel sustainably, including how to become a house sitter and slow traveller, eating local and vegetarian, and making responsible travel choices.

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  1. A super blogger to follow about living vegan in Mexico City is FatGayVegan, Sean, who spends half of the year there. I visited Mexico City last spring, based on his posts about how many vegan eateries there are as well as shots and vegan markets. Posts with the tag Mexico City can be found at
    Temictli is one place I remember eating very well.

  2. I haven’t been to Mexico City yet (or Mexico for that matter), but it’s definitely a destination I want to visit in the future. I’m a vegetarian trying to go vegan, and my daughter is a strict vegan, and food for her is usually a challenge when abroad. Lots of pasta with fried veggies… but reading this post makes me happy, we will have a much more varied menu than we’re used to!

    One Q though: when you write Veg-friendly, do you mean vegan or vegetarian friendly? Seeing you write out vegan and vegetarian elsewhere I got kind of confused. But maybe I’m just thinking to much, and you mean vegan AND vegetarian friendly :-)

    1. Hi Katrin. Thanks for reading and commenting. Great to hear from fellow vegetarians moving towards veganism (exactly where I’m at too). Mexico City is really moving towards being much more vegan-friendly. The guys from are strict vegans and currently in Mexico City, so definitely check out their blog/social media too.

      That’s a great question. I currently use veg-friendly to mean vegetarian-friendly. Most often those restaurants have vegetarian options on the menu but if you ask are also happy to make vegan options (i.e. to out cheese, give extra veggies etc).

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