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Best Travel Destinations + WIN Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2017

If you’re anything like me, all you want to do is wrap up all snug this Christmas holiday and start planning your 2017 travel adventure. I’ve just read Lonely Planet’s best in travel for 2017 and jotted down the best travel destinations on my travel wishlist. I can’t stop dreaming of snowy pine forests in Canada, eating hot corn cakes in Colombia, and lying underneath coconut palms in Dominica.

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Best Travel Destinations for 2017

Lonely Planet have tipped the following destiations as their top 10 countries for travellers in 2017:

1. Canada

Canada will be celebrating 150 years as a nation in 2017. Warm-up events and parties are being thrown throughout the year. Brace yourselves nature lovers because Canada’s national parks and heritage sites will all be offering free entrance for all of 2017.


2. Colombia

I’ve heard travellers raving about Colombia all year, so I’m not surprised to hear it has been tipped as one of the best travel destinations for 2017. Despite a turbulent past, Colombia is now much more stable making it more open to and safer for travellers than ever before.

Photo by Ryan Skelton | Instagram

3. Finland

In 2017, Finland will be celebrating 100 years of independence. On top of that, a new 11,000-hectare national park in Hossa will be opening and inviting travellers to explore its pine forests and rivers.

Photo by Riku Pihlanto | Visit Finland

4. Dominica

One of the few Caribbean destinations that hasn’t been overtaken by resort development, Dominica is still a hub of nature and wildlife. But it may not last long. Dominica gets its first large-scale chain resorts in 2018, which may change the country forever.

Photo by Ken Bosma

5. Nepal

Despite the 2015 earthquakes, much of Nepal escape serious damage. Many temples and trekking trails have remained intact, but there is still much rebuilding to be done. Visiting Nepal in 2017 and supporting the local people could help provide the country with the income it needs to rebuild.


6. Bermuda

Bermuda is a British territory of 180 islands. Beautiful pink sand beaches, a pleasant climate, historic sights and the fact that it’s just a few hours journey from America’s East coast make it one of the best travel destinations for 2017.

Photo by Mike

7. Mongolia

Mongolia’s rapid modernisation has earned it a spot on the list of best travel destinations for 2017. The capital city, Ulaanbaatar, has seen its skyline transformed with skyscrapers and it’ll be opening a new airport. Still, many travellers will head to Mongolia to explore the stunning countryside and nomadic traditions.

Photo by Bernd Thaller

8. Oman

Oman is tipped as the best luxury travel destination for 2017. Elegant mosques, stunning palaces, aquamarine waters, state-of-the-art yachts and high-end hotels are what Oman has to offer – plus the coffee looks amazing.

Photo by Panoramas

9. Myanmar (Burma)

Though visiting Myanmar comes with its challenges, travellers to the country come out glowing about their experiences. While Myanmar still has a long way to go, it’s moving forward. Many travellers seek to experience a different kind of Asia in Myanmar.


10. Ethiopia

The final country of the best travel destinations for 2017 is Ethiopia. Here you can spot rare and exotic wildlife that you can’t see anywhere else in the world. The gelada (aka ‘bleeding heart baboon’), the Ethiopian wolf, and the giant Lammergeir (a vulture with a 3m wingspan) to name but a few.

Photo by Laika

Where do you most want to travel to in 2017?

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