Picture This: Viewing the Northern Lights

Viewing the Northern Lights in Sweden

Picture this: Viewing the Northern Lights

It’s beyond freezing. Literally, it’s -16 C. We’ve just traded in the comfort of our wilderness cabin for a snow couch covered with reindeer skin on the bank of a frozen river. We chat with our new friends over a cup of hot chocolate and stare into the sky patiently. Then, slowly, a green haze starts to rise over the horizon, eventually dancing its way across the sky.

The Northern Lights have arrived.

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  1. The time when it finally appeared after a lot of patience and perseverance is amazing, isn’t it? I managed to catch aurora last month in Norway. It was an incredible experience, but came with a lot of hard work. I arrived in Lofoten Islands and it began to snow heavily with clouds covering the sky. Knowing that my chance is really slim, I headed out anyway to find an open, clear skies and after two hour of hikes, I saw it! Really beautiful sight, especially as the setting was in a dramatic range of mountains rising from a fjord. =)
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