Picture This: Blue Sunset in Mui Ne, Vietnam

blue sunset mui ne

Picture this: Blue Sunset in Mui Ne, Vietnam

The sun sets at the end of a hot December day in the Vietnamese beach town of Mui Ne. A local cracks nuts on the sea wall, looking over at the small fishing tubs bobbing on the surface. The main strip is alight in the distance, but this far up the coastline there is very little noise except for the swash breaking on the slither of beach.


Charlie on Travel‘s ‘Picture This‘ segment features inspiring photos from all around the world from both Charlie and other travellers.

Charlie Marchant

Charlie is a long-term traveller from the UK who writes about simple ways to travel sustainably, including how to become a house sitter and slow traveller, eating local and vegetarian, and making responsible travel choices.

7 thoughts to “Picture This: Blue Sunset in Mui Ne, Vietnam”

  1. Hey, Is there a post where I can read about how you travelled in Vietnam where you stayed and so forth?
    Will be backpacking for thefirst time to Vietnam and Cambodia during the summer. Love your post and amazing photos.

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