Vegetarian Food at Tuyo in Barcelona

17 Vegetarian Restaurants & Tapas Bars in Barcelona that Will Get You Excited to be Veggie

There are so many incredible vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona that you won’t even believe your eyes (or your belly!) As a country that loves jamón and paella, Spain isn’t exactly known for its vegetarian-friendly eating, but Barcelona is an exception to the rule.

Vegetarian and vegan eating culture is on the rise in Barcelona and there are creative veggie food spots all over the city.

Luke and I were excited to have three weeks to eat our way through the best vegetarian restaurants, vegan cafes and vegetarian tapas bars in Barcelona. We knew that vegetarian eating was going to be good in Barcelona, but we didn’t know it was going to be this good.

Vegetaria and Vegan Food Barcelona - Tuyo sign - Charlie on Travel

Best Vegetarian Lunch Spots in Barcelona

If you’re looking for a casual lunch rather than a sit down vegetarian restaurant in Barcelona, then these are the best vegetarian lunch places around. You can grab something to go or simply sit on a stall in the window while chowing down on some wholesome veggie food.


Who says that fast food and veggie food can’t be friends? Maoz is a pita and falafel chain with a salad bar that you won’t believe. Once you’ve got your pita, it’s up to you to serve your own salad. You can jam pack your pita bread with as much salad as you can stuff in. I’ve been known to go a little bit crazy and end up with an overflowing salad, but with all those fresh veggies, lentils and chillies, you can’t blame a vegetarian girl right? (vegetarian and vegan)

Carrer de Ferran 13, 08002 Barcelona (off La Rambla)

Maoz - Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Barcelona - Charlie on TravelMaoz vegetarian food in Barcelona

Enjoy Vegan

Enjoy Vegan was the closest healthy vegetarian eating place to our apartment in El Born, so we went here for lunch a couple of times. The food was always good but the portion size and value for money actually varied massively depending on which staff were serving up. Definitely head here for a menu del dia. The tofu cooked in tomatoes was unanimously our favourite dish. (vegan)

Plaza de Sant Augusti Vell 10, El Born, 08003 Barcelona

Enjoy Vegan menu del dia - Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Barcelona - Charlie on Travel

Ina Cafe

This red-painted cafe with colourful artworks painted on its windows is an ideal spot for a big brunch or a light lunch. If you’re there before midday, then you can grab a huge bowl of yoghurt and muesli, but really everyone comes here in the afternoon for the cafe’s signature piadinas (thin flatbreads). The goat cheese and walnut piadina was yummy. (veg-friendly)

Carrer Carders 43, 08003 Barcelona

Ina Cafe - Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Barcelona - Charlie on Travel

Kop De Ma

You won’t find this place on TripAdvisor or any of the tourist lists. This cooperative in the Sants neighbourhood is a locals place through and through, and was recommended by us to a friend from Barcelona. The locals who hang out here come to debate politics over a beer, and thanks to a number of them being vegetarian you can get a big wedge of vegetarian Spanish tortilla at the bar. I reckon the Spanish omelette with courgette was better, but Luke would argue for the aubergine one — you’ll have to try both to see who’s right! (veg-friendly)

Riego, 4, 08014 Barcelona


Check out our thoughts on this little slow food cafe in our Barcelona Slow Travel Guide. (vegetarian and vegan)

16 Carrer Comerc, 08003 Barcelona

Barcelona Vegetarian Food - Tuyo salad - Charlie on Travel

Espai Mescladis

You can find Espai Mescladis, a great vegetarian lunch spot set in a courtyard for warm afternoons, in our Barcelona Slow Travel Guide. (veg-friendly)

35 Carrer Carders, 08003 Barcelona

Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Barcelona

All the best vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona have great lunch deals called menu del dias (menu of the day) which come at a set price. No matter whether you’re going for a whole set menu or just a random dish, these are the best of the veggie places in the city.

Juicy Jones

Juicy Jones was a standout vegetarian restaurant in Barcelona for us because of the creativity, inventiveness and colourfulness of all the dishes. Juicy Jones’ menu is as whacky as the vibrant interiors, and that’s really what makes it quite an exciting place to eat. The food combos aren’t always the best, but you can’t fault them for trying! There’s a crazy extensive juice and smoothie menu too. (vegan)

Carrer de l’Hospital, 74, 08001 Barcelona


Probably one of the less exciting but more reliable vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona is Vegetalia. Food is fresh and you can get a good deal on the set lunch menu. It’s also one of the only vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona to serve up a vegetarian paella with brown rice. (vegetarian)

There are three branches in Barcelona, located in Ravel, Barrio Gótico and El Born.

La Bascula

I have high praise for this place and would go as far as to say it was the best vegetarian restaurant in Barcelona that we went to. Read more about it in our Barcelona Slow Travel Guide. (pescetarian and vegetarian)

30 Flassaders, 08003 Barcelona

La Bascura - Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Barcelona - Charlie on Travel

Flax & Kale

We rarely eat in high-end restaurants but after seeing the seasonal menu for Flax & Kale, I had my heart set on eating a meal up on their roof terrace. The restaurant itself is beautiful and all of the dishes on the menu, from the raw vegan lasagne down to the black rice with coconut meat, sound mouth watering to me. Unfortunately, I wasn’t into the raw zucchini blossom dish I chose, so take some time to paw over the menu rather than making a snap decision. (pescetarian, vegetarian, vegan and raw)

Carrer dels Tallers, 74, 08001 Barcelona

Charlie standing on roof terrace at Flax and Kale - Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Barcelona - Charlie on Travel

Best Vegetarian Bars in Barcelona

Cat Bar

More bar than restaurant, Cat Bar is the place you’ll want to be on a Friday night if you’re into vegan burgers and craft beer. This dark and kind of indie bar has six different vegan burgers to choose from and so many craft beers that you’ll be staring at the taps for ages before making a decision. (vegan)

Carrer de la Bòria, 17, 08003 Barcelona

Best Vegetarian Tapas in Barcelona

Ale & Hop

Ale & Hop is a more upmarket version of Cat Bar, attracting more of a connoisseur type of crowd. Craft beer and veggie burgers which come with an artfully stacked square of chips also grace the menu here. Thursday nights are vegetarian tapas nights. (vegetarian)

Carrer de les Basses de Sant Pere, 10, 08003 Barcelona


We didn’t make it to Sesamo in the end, but it was tipped on many a vegetarian food guide as being the best place for vegetarian tapas in Barcelona. Looking at all the five star reviews on TripAdvisor, we’re kind of kicking ourselves for not trying it out. If you go, let us know if it’s any good in the comments! (vegetarian and vegan)

Carrer de Sant Antoni Abat, 52, 08001 Barcelona

Vegetarian Asian Food in Barcelona

Going out for sushi or ramen may not be a particularly ‘Spanish’ thing to do, but Barcelona has some incredible vegetarian-friendly Asian restaurants that I just couldn’t not mention.

La Vietnamita

Once you’ve eaten Vietnamese food, you’re addicted. It doesn’t matter where you are, if there’s a Vietnamese restaurant then you’ll be inside it in a flash. That’s what happened to us as soon as we saw La Vietnamita in Barcelona. This little place serves up great noodle bowls, fresh vegetarian spring rolls and iced Vietnamese coffee. (veg-friendly)

Carrer Comerc, 17, 08902 Barcelona

Doble Zeroo

If you’re anything like me and Luke, then there’s no way that you’re going to turn down vegetarian sushi when you see it. Well, right across from our apartment in El Born was Doble Zeroo, this modern sushi place with a whole vegetarian sushi platter. It may not the best avocado maki we’ve ever had, but it’s still really, really good. (veg-friendly)

Calle Jaume Giralt 53, 08003 Barcelona

Doble Zeroo vegetarian sushi - Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Barcelona - Charlie on Travel


We noticed this place because every night there would be a huge crowd outside. I later heard that it was the best place to get dumplings and Asian style tapas in Barcelona. True enough, the dumplings were delicious and there were quite a few vegetarian tapas options, but the staff were uncomfortably rude. If you can bear the staff though, then the food is worth it. (veg-friendly)

Carrer dels Carders, 46, 08003 Barcelona

Red Ant

Part of a chain of three restaurants along with Mosquito and Grasshopper, Red Ant is the place to go if you’re craving a hot bowl of veggie ramen. (veg-friendly)

Carrer dels Tiradors, 5, 08003 Barcelona

Red Ant vegetarian ramen - Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Barcelona - Charlie on Travel

Other Veggie Places We’ve Heard About

Guillermo and Cristina, Barcelona locals who run Barcelona Slow Travel (the awesome slow travel cooking class we went to), recommended Petit Brot, a vegan juice bar in Barcelona who they reckon are one of the best lunch spots in town. They’re 100% vegan, organic and sustainable. They hadn’t opened back when we were in Barcelona, so if you get to check them out let me know how good it is!

Oh my gosh. Did you manage to keep up with all that deliciousness? And you know, this blog post isn’t even taking into consideration all the delicious croissants, pastries, baguettes, empanadas, ice creams and other yummy veggie-friendly snack foods. I think we can safely say that there are plenty of exciting vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona that are great for vegans too. Barcelona is definitely one of those cities that makes you excited to be vegetarian.

Which of these vegetarian feasts gets your stomach growling and taste buds tingling? Do you have any other delicious vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona to recommend?

Charlie Marchant

Charlie is a long-term traveller from the UK who writes about simple ways to travel sustainably, including how to become a house sitter and slow traveller, eating local and vegetarian, and making responsible travel choices.

7 thoughts to “17 Vegetarian Restaurants & Tapas Bars in Barcelona that Will Get You Excited to be Veggie”

  1. Thank you Charlie, you never fail to amaze me. I’ve eaten at Maoz and can also recommend that it is indeed great fresh to go food. I shall definitely look the others up next time I’m in Barcelona.

  2. Sesamo has to be my favorite vegan restaurant in Barcelona thus far (but there a few on your list I haven’t tried). The food was delicious and the portions generous without being over priced. 5 stars! Gluten-free options too $

    Happy Day Vegetariano is delicious as well $$
    Humus Barcelona has the best tapas $
    Veritas (grocery store) sells vegan croissants
    Mercadona (grocery store) sells gluten-free vegan bread and pizza base. You can also find vegan bagles.

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