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Charlie and her partner, Luke, planned to sell all their stuff to travel the world, but then they realised they didn't have anything to sell. They're travelling anyway. Now working as freelance writers and professional house sitters, Charlie and Luke are travelling indefinitely. Charlie writes about simple, sustainable, socially responsible travel.

Delicious red cacao beans

Vanilla Beans, True Cinnamon & Cacao Pods: Exploring a Costa Rican Spice Farm

I have quite an affinity with spice. Ginger, turmeric, chilli, pepper, cinnamon, vanilla, I love them all. When it comes to food, people often say that I over spice, but I just can’t get enough of the distinct flavours and the delicious heat. As you can imagine, touring a spice farm here in Costa Rica was right up my street. Villa Vanilla…

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5 Blog Posts that Everyone Who Travels Should Read

If you read travel blogs, then you’ll know that 99% of posts are about quitting your job to travel, getting pleasantly lost in beautiful places, and having ‘life changing’ experiences. It’s easy to be swept away by romantic notions of adventure and freedom when you think about travelling. I was too, in the beginning. As I read more news stories, followed more…

Cover Monkey in Manuel Antonio

Discover Costa Rica’s Wildlife (the Right Way)

Costa Rica’s wildlife is undeniably incredible. The country has one of the highest densities of biodiversity on the planet, which means that you can see all kinds of monkeys, lizards, parrots and even jaguars if you know where to look. One of the reasons that Costa Rica is so rich in wildlife is because it is home to a variety of different ecosystems,…

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The Truth about Costa Rican Eco-Lodges

With the rising popularity of eco-travel, it’s hard not to question what accommodation is truly an environmentally-friendly eco-lodge as opposed to those who label themselves as ‘eco’ because it’s fashionable. When we were researching our travels in Costa Rica, our web searches were inundated with eco-lodges and eco-retreats. With such a vast number of places to stay labelling themselves as…

Charlie on Travel looks across Granada city

Granada, Nicaragua: The Most Beautiful City Ever (and What To Do There)

Granada is the most beautiful city I’ve ever been to, and I’ve been to a lot of beautiful cities. The streets of Nicaragua’s oldest colonial city are lined with charming yellow-painted houses, laid-back mango-sellers and delicious courtyard cafés. Things To Do in Granada, Nicaragua Granada, though Nicaragua’s sixth largest city, is really quite small. It’s the ideal city for exploring slowly,…

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How Much Does It Cost to Travel Costa Rica on a Budget?

Costa Rica is not a cheap country to travel, although it is possible to travel Costa Rica on a budget. We’ve kept our travel budget really low here in Costa Rica thanks to house sitting, but during our travel breaks we have to be more conscious about what we’re spending. How Much it Costs to Travel Costa Rica on a Budget Here’s a handy infographic…