Charlie is travelling in Costa Rica

Charlie and her partner, Luke, planned to sell all their stuff to travel the world, but then they realised they didn't have anything to sell. They're travelling anyway. After a year living in Taiwan, they began travelling long-term, working as freelance writers and professional house sitters. Charlie writes about simple, sustainable, socially responsible travel.

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Charlie on Boquete, Panama

Green mountain views, world renowned coffee plantations and cafes that just sell strawberries, it’s no wonder that we loved Boquete, Panama. When we realised we had a spare six weeks to explore Panama over Christmas, we set about looking for a house sit in Boquete so that we’d have a place to call home over the festive season. As it turns…

Incredible clouds at Ometepe Island - Charlie on Travel

Why Travelling on a Budget has Made Me More Eco-Friendly

If there’s one thing that us travel bloggers hate to admit, it’s that our lifestyle can be very harmful to the earth. But travelling on a budget can help with that problem. There’s a real catch twenty-two for travellers: while we are travelling to see the world’s natural beauty and immerse ourselves in local culture, travelling so frequently can have a very negative effect on…

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2014 in Photos

Back in January, who knew that our 2014 would look like this… When we came home from Taiwan at the end of 2013, Luke told me that 2014 was my year. By that, he meant it was up to me to choose what we would do. Moving to Taiwan was his idea and though I chose to follow, it wasn’t an…