Charlie is travelling in Costa Rica

Charlie and her partner, Luke, planned to sell all their stuff to travel the world, but then they realised they didn't have anything to sell. They're travelling anyway. After a year living in Taiwan, they began travelling long-term, working as freelance writers and professional house sitters. Charlie writes about simple, sustainable, socially responsible travel.

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Charlie on Ometepe Island, Nicaragua

Flee the really rather average Rivas by boat to the beautiful volcanic island of Ometepe. Though Ometepe is a small place, it’s very much geared up for travellers. In fact, there are probably more backpackers than locals, but once you escape into the island’s nature you won’t even remember. Things to Do on Ometepe Island, Nicaragua The nature and wildlife…


How Much Does it Cost to Travel Nicaragua on a Budget? [Infographic]

Nicaragua was named one of the cheapest travel destinations for backpackers in 2014, so I was amped to be travelling in a country where our small travel budget would stretch further. Nicaragua, to the north of Costa Rica, is the largest country in Central America. Before travelling there we’d only heard good things from other backpackers – and they were…

Lots of baby turtles going into the sea - Charlie on Travel

A Thousand Turtles Nesting: An Arribada in Ostional, Costa Rica

A woman was running wildly down the beach beating a big plastic bottle with a driftwood stick. We stared at her in dismay. The fierce yet slender woman swung the stick around her head like a lasso, and in a frenzy, the large black vultures that had been skipping along the sands scattered. She saw us staring and came over. “They’re trying to get the baby turtles,”…

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Is Volcano Boarding in Nicaragua Really Awesome?

If you’re travelling in Nicaragua, everyone will tell you that the one thing you can’t miss is volcano boarding down Cerro Negro (the Black Hill) in León. Having looked at the ominous volcano from the roof of León Cathedral and after reading rave reviews from adventurous travel bloggers and TripAdvisor-happy backpackers who unanimously labelled the volcano boarding experience as AWESOME,…

Costa Rica cheese from farmers market

The Importance of Eating Local When You Travel

During my time living in Taiwan, feta cheese, chickpeas and couscous were luxuries that couldn’t be picked up from just any local supermarket. There were far fewer imported goods than what you would see on the shelves of your average UK supermarket, and you couldn’t get fruits or vegetables when they weren’t in season. At first, I thought this was awful. I wanted to…