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They Eat Tacos in Mexico and Other Things I Learned This Week

Mexico has proved to us that no matter how much you travel, there’s always more to learn. After 3 years of travelling together, including a year living abroad, as well as running a travel blog, Luke and I had come to think of ourselves as reasonably experienced travellers. Well, our first week in Mexico has shown us that no matter how experienced you are, you always have more to learn.


Best Travel Backpack from Charlie on Travel's Eco-Friendly Travel Packing List

Berlin Green Travel Guide

Our Berlin green travel guide, for travellers who want to experience eco-friendly and sustainable Berlin.

When we arrived in Berlin, the first thing we saw was abandoned buildings and graffiti everywhere. This wasn’t the green metropolis I had been imagining and expecting at all. Then I realised, I had barely scratched the surface.

Berlin is a city that’s constantly being reconstructed, redesigned and re-purposed. You won’t meet a Berliner who doesn’t say: “You should’ve seen Berlin one year ago – it’s changed so much.” We heard that phrase over and over from different Berliners.


Best Travel Backpack from Charlie on Travel's Eco-Friendly Travel Packing List

Travel Packing List for the Eco-Conscious Traveller (It All Fits in This Backpack!)

Packing light is the way to travel. If you’re an eco-conscious traveller like us, or just trying to travel more minimalist, then this eco-friendly travel packing list is for you.

Got a suitcase? Forget about it. Multiple backpacks? That’s a hassle. All that stuff you thought you needed in your backpack? You probably don’t. The more stuff you pack, the more you have to carry around and the heavier the burden.

Packing lighter isn’t just about being a minimalist traveller, it’s about lowering your carbon footprint and letting go of the stuff you don’t need. We’re going to show you how to travel the world with just one bag, how to avoid over-packing and how to pack smarter, in our eco-conscious travel packing list.


How Much Does It Cost to Travel in Bulgaria?

How Much Does It Cost to Travel in Bulgaria on a Budget? [Infographic]

Looking for cheap travel destinations in Europe for a winter break? Let me tell you how much it costs to travel in Bulgaria.

We booked our flights and set off on our winter adventure to Bulgaria after learning that there’s good skiing for bargain prices and that the cost to travel in Bulgaria is low. We weren’t disappointed by Bulgaria and travelling on a budget — even while skiing — was very doable. I have to be honest though and say that although the cost to travel in Bulgaria was good, it was even cheaper to travel in Macedonia.


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Tai Dam Village in Thailand: The “People Without a Country”

Among the lush valleys and undulating hills of Loei province lies the Tai Dam village in Chiang Khan, Thailand. Named for the black robes worn by both men and women, the Tai Dam — known as “Black Thai” in English — are an indigenous Vietnamese tribe that were scattered by war. Today, their descendents practise time-honoured traditions in their new home in Northern Thailand.


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What is Sustainable Travel?

Sustainable travel should be the only way we travel. From excessive air travel that causes harmful CO2 emissions to package holiday resorts that are built on natural areas, international travel and tourism are far from sustainable.

Our world has finite resources. There are only so many beautiful, natural, untouched places on our planet and mass tourism threatens their existence. Nature, culture and history are things to be preserved, not commodified.


Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Sofia

Sofia Slow Travel Guide – Bulgaria’s Capital City

Sofia was our first stop in Bulgaria. We’d planned on just passing through on our way to go skiing in Bansko, but as we slowly started to discover more and more historic sights and vegan restaurants, we slowed down.

Sofia isn’t a city like London, Paris or Rome though. It’s history is a cultural mesh of Eastern and Western influence. Churches, mosques and Soviet buildings all share the same small space of the city.


You can buy local produce for cheaper prices than the supermarkets in Costa Rica.

7 Simple Ways to Travel Responsibly

Responsible travel means making environmentally, socio-culturally and economically aware travel choices. Knowing how to plan a responsible travel trip can seem like an absolute mission though, especially if there’s not a lot of time to read and research or you’re not sure where to start.

If you bring up the topic of responsible travel, more often than not people wrinkle their nose or shrug it off. Over time I’ve learned that this isn’t because they don’t care about the environment, wildlife and local people, it’s because it’s hard to know what choices are best.